Unplugged Weddings

Being a part of someone’s special day is an honor that should not be over shadowed by the guest using his/her cellphones. With just about everyone having a cell phone nowadays, it is easy to see more than half of the guests on their phones, taking pictures or tweeting about the wedding. That is why a lot of couples especially those here in Tampa Bay are opting to have unplugged weddings.
As a photographer I love unplugged weddings I cannot tell you how many beautiful photographs have been ruined because someone stood up with their iPhone or worst yet their iPad in the middle of the ceremony.
I think the best thing about having an unplugged wedding is that your guest are actually present during the ceremony instead of engaged with their phones. I instruct my brides let their guest save their cell phones for the reception. After all you hired a professional photographer to capture and tell your story.

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  • Cissi

    April 18, 2017

    Loved this article! I have to agree it is awful to have everyone holding up their iphone or even worst their ipad during the ceremony.

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